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World Yoga Federation | Latin America

International Yoga Certification for Yoga Teachers and Schools across the world.

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Why should you join?

International Certification

Yoga Teacher and Yoga School Certification that is recognised across the globe

Founded in India, leading the world

Authentic International Certification that comes from India - the birthplace of Yoga

Global community of Yoga Teachers & Schools

One-time payment for Life-time Certification

No Annual renewal fees

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World Yoga Federation is an organisation that works towards equal opportunity and international recognition of all yoga practitioners, teachers and organisations from all over the world. 

World Yoga Federation provides International Certification, recognition, registration and an International Platform to Yoga Organizations, Yoga Federations, Yoga Institutes, Yoga Studios and Yoga Teachers worldwide.


  • Provide International recognition and International Certification to Yoga Teachers, Yoga Masters, Senior Yoga Practitioners, Yoga Studios, Yoga Organizations, Yoga Associations, Yoga Federations and Alliances.

  • Providing International Certification to those who have trained outside a commercial setting in Yoga, have years of practice and depth of experience, but no institutional background after an in-depth assessment.

  • Organize and support Regional, National and International Yoga Sports and exhibitions of Yoga.

  • Create a platform dedicated only to Yoga where Yogis from across the world can showcase their activities and advertise their offerings.

  • Job Support for Yoga Teachers and Yoga Centres.

  • Support to setup new Yoga Studios worldwide.

  • Organize and Support Yoga Conferences, Yoga Festivals and Yoga Events - regional, national and international.

  • Encourage research and analysis of Yoga and Yogic Physiological and psychological methods.

  • Guiding new comers in the field of Yoga to create a successful enterprise, based in authenticity, goodwill and progress.

  • Providing a platform to find authentic yoga centres, organizations and teachers.

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Swami Vidyanand

Founder President

World Yoga Federation is founded by Swami Vidyanand, a renowned Traditional Yoga and Transformational Yoga Master from India who created Transformational Yoga, founded SriMa International School of Transformational Yoga, and is also the Founder of Yoga Alliance InternationalMeditation Alliance InternationalYoga Alliance IndiaYoga Alliance EuropeYoga Alliance Africa - organizations devoted to nurturing authentic Yoga traditions throughout the world and foster a community of Authentic Yoga & Meditation teachers, schools and practitioners. He also founded the Grand Master Yoga® and Grand Master Meditation® Courses.


Born in a family of Bhakti Yogi's of an unbroken tradition of over 500 years, Swamiji received his initiation into the Spiritual and Yogic practices at an early age and was trained by Swami Satyananda Saraswati (Founder of the Bihar School of Yoga), and was also initiated in White Tantra by Paramhansa Pitambara Peeth.  His first guru was his father, Sri Harihar Goswami, a highly respected Traditional Indian Yogi who taught the Vedas, Ramanyanana, The Upanishad and Sacred Texts.

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Born Buenos Aires - Argentina, at an early age he felt a strong inclination to seek spiritual answers, he traveled in his search for several paths as well as training professionally in the HR area. He began his yogic journey and training in 2002 in different schools in Buenos Aires, expanding his knowledge in methods such as Tibetan Yoga of Buddhist origin, Hatha Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Integral Yoga, Kurunta Yoga, Raja Yoga and others as well as He also specialized in Zen Shiatsu, Abhyangam (Ayurvedic massage), Hindu Meditation, Yoga therapy and Ayurveda. In this last science, he trained with his great teacher Dr. Jose Rugue (Swami Narayananda) and also obtained the title of Ayurvedic Health Educator through the American Institute of Vedic Studies - Boston - USA.

Grandmaster and Director of HARI OM International - School of Yoga and Ayurveda since October 2013. Representative of the International Association of yoga and Ayurveda Professionals, an institution that helps social organizations.

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Utkarsh Sanjanwala

Administrative Director

Currently also working as a Lecturer at Unitec Institute of Technology in Auckland, New Zealand, Utkarsh  is a Grand Master of Hatha  Yoga, Administrative Director Worldwide of  SriMa International School of  Transformational Yoga and Director of  it's New Zealand Branch. He is also one of the directors of Meditation Alliance International.


Having  studied and taught in the Bihar  Tradition of Swami Satyananda, he went  on to learn Transformational  Yoga directly under the guidance of Swami  Vidyanand. Painter,  Photographer, Graphic Designer, Writer and   Musician, his life  transformed when he got introduced to Yoga. A series  of experiences led  him to quit his corporate job and he began to  explore the traditional  science of Yoga & Meditation. Utkarsh is now  an established and  experienced Master & Therapist, based in  Auckland, New Zealand  channelizing his energy towards exploring and  sharing this beautiful  ancient science with people from across world.


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